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VACA CAVA Ibiza 2.0

For Villa photos & party planner see below. Boat with watersports link HERE

All guests please complete the form below.

Party planner (1).jpg
Name/s *
Please complete arrival and departure details & confirm how many people arrive on the same flight. Also, pls whatsapp your tickets.
Confirm the details of the driver license holder
Drinks for villa *
Tick all that you drink
Please confirm if have one or never been onboard a boat/yacht before, so we can stock up on sea sickness medication)
Snorkeling, wakeboarding, water skiing. Please confirm whether you want to do any of the activities, so we can plan how long we need the boat for.
Please confirm if you want to go to a day beach party or prefer to stay in by the pool at the villa. Just to give you a price estimate. The sunlounger is ca 30EUR pp, plus umbrella and min spend of 50EUR pp on the beach menu. Blue Marlin/Nikki Beach/Ocean Beach/Nassau Beach
Earlier Event: March 8
MEET. (International Women´s Day)