We love creativity & entertainment, especially art, fashion and music, as such unites people cross borders & nationalities and carry the potential to bridge social gaps.

We believe that talented creatives should not be hidden behind coffee counters, even if they don’t become the next Tchaikovsky, Versace or Da Vinci. This world has enough space for as many creatives as any other profession. Yet still, majority of creatives are employed in jobs that have no benefits or impact on their talent growth, exposure or employment.

We are committed to bridging the gap between employment and creatives making sure the global community invests, promotes and makes unique and ambitious gems available to the wider public domain.

Join THE TRIBE and be a part of the creative movement that can give you endless opportunities for collaborations, employment, investment and social contribution.

It is really that simple, 

If you are into #art #fashion & #music

You do belong here!