S/S 17

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Stella (RU)

Moscow based Stella has been singing since she was 12. Started to pursue her professional career as an artist only a couple of months ago releasing her first single: Open Up Your Heart feat Geor. A new single is expected by Summer 2017.

Face of THE TRIBE:

Teaser & Video: STELLA ft. Geor- Open up your heart

Follow her on : iam_stella


Farastafari (NG)

Fares AKA Farastafari grew up in Nigeria riding a bicycle all around town, listening to music and writing songs. Asides his Lebanese-French orientation, Fares has a very overt attachment to the Nigerian society, African customs and traditions. Farastafari is to release his debut album by Summer 2017.

Playing Schedule:


Follow him on: @faresboulos



 "Music is the answer, now what was the question?” Stockholm native MAMBA. began DJ-ing in Stockholm, during the spring of 2013. Through hard work and an innate ability to make people groove – he quickly began to make a name for himself in Stockholm. Black Mamba is currently spending time on his own productions and is working on his first EP, as well as making strides as one third of the buzzing DJ collective "GELATO STHLM"

Previous Events: Grodan, Sturecompagniet & more

Follow him on: @therealmambamode @gelatosthlm @the_tribe_ldn

Playing schedule:

1 April-  DUSK sessions (THE TRIBE)

1 April - DAWN sessions (B2B w KatrinKA)

2 April- Hangover Recovery (THE TRIBE)


KatrinKa (RU)

DJ & Producer. Arrived in UK in 2005 and instantly emerged into London's House music scene. As classically trained pianist, she easily picked up the captivating style of deep & emotive house and started to produce her own tracks as well as collaborations as early as 2008. Her work has got a lot of interest from independent labels as well as received airplay on the radio such as Deer Deer & Ibiza Global Radio.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/katrinka

Playing schedule:

1 April- SUNSET sessions (LIVE during the FASHION SHOW)

1 April- DAWN sessions (B2B w MAMBA.)


Medway (UK)

Jesse Skeens relocated to Orlando, Florida in the summer of 1980 at the tender age of seven. It was during his upbringing in Florida that Jesse’s first influences, early electronic bands like The New Order, Joy Division, 808 State, and the proto-acid house Happy Mondays and Stone Roses came to define his concept of sound. He soon began to create his music and based on the UK’s Stateside influx of what would come to be known as the sound of the “Summer of Love”, at 16, his music would soon be sought after by the most reputable DJ’s in the world.

Playing Schedule: May 2017 (TBC)

DJ Mindfulness (IT)

Coming from a small town in Southern Italy, Pierro's transition to a grand London scene has been accompanied by a basic mixer and two turntables. After DJ-ing around London for over three years, he felt like it was about time to express himself as an artist and drawing on the experience shared by a DJ friend he started to use music as his daily inspiration. Currently working on his first record which he plans to release this year dedicating most of his time to music production.

Playing Schedule: May 2017 (TBC)



Contemporary artwork representing global tribes, female silhouettes & their distinctive features. All artwork comes in pairs & each duo is to underline THE TRIBE´s vision on unity in diversity. Walter uses digital design & embraces colours to enhance the uniqueness of each individual tribe. With his magic any photo or portrait can be turned into a personalized artwork. Prices range from 100 -1000 GBP. For more details & orders enquire to thetribe@imldn.com



Fréolic lingerie & garments are painstakingly crafted using the finest Prêt-à-Porter French lace. Locally made at London atelier using fabrics and components hand sourced from the best suppliers across Europe.

Designer: Evgeniya Kharaim

Available in showroom or Made to order

Prices range: 65-500 GBP

Meet the designer & her collections at our next event on 1&2 April. Orders made during the event receive 20% discount.


7th heaven.jpeg


Feminine swimwear collection with lots of colours, cute prints and designs.

Designer: Faina

Prices range: 50-200 GBP

Meet the designer & her collections at our next event on 1&2 April. Orders made during the event receive 20% discount.

Follow : @the.7th.heaven




Classic sartorial, reimagined.

Luxury fabrics, languid cuts and romantic adornments abound.

Clothes that walk a fine line between 21st Century chic and the elegance of eras past. This is a cultured clothing of another calibre.

Designer: Veronika Ilinskaya

Original price range: 950- 2500GBP

Meet the designer & her collections at our next event on 1&2 April. Orders made during the event receive 30% discount.