Social Capital

Being established by I AM LDN, a social enterprise, notions of social value, mobility and impact are deeply ingrained in our culture and vision. We unite these notions under one overarching term- social capital.

Value- That moment when community starts to realize the potential of collaborations, communal activities & the value of social knowledge and exchange.

Mobility- Opportunities for talents coming from vulnerable communities, poor economic standing, minorities and disabilities through discounts, offers, extended opportunities and promotion. The best diamonds are found in the rough, right?

Impact- Our measure of success and social progress. Yearly reports to come out in our  yearly MGZN edition. How many opportunities, projects offered? How many talents took part on paid and unpaid basis? Success stories, F*ups, stats and numbers.


Unity in Diversity

We take pride in the cohort of our members and guests with their multinational, ethnic, creative & entrepreneurial backgrounds. We welcome hybrids, global citizens, on distance participants, the well established, the curious and the up and coming. Diversity is the art of thinking independently together.









THE TRIBE was born out of passion to bring about a change for creatives around the world. Moreover out of passion to develop & invest in creativity by collaborating, exchanging knowledge, developing creative thinking and deepening the talent. Whether you are looking to join as global creative talent, art lover or a corporate partner, passion is our bare minimum requirement to join. We use our passion as our driving force. Do you?



We choose collaboration over competition as the main building block for our community. Joined forces with social capital it allows our members and guests to explore the unknown terrains, cooperate cross border and provide space for creative thinking and outside of the box momentum. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Sharing is Caring

A principle that is much less common in practice than in theory. We call it the boomerang effect, by which all of your giving, sharing and helping deeds are translated into the opportunities you create and attract to yourself. Together as THE TRIBE we learn how to give more and unconditionally, working for establishment of a social capital, we can all draw benefits from.  #This is the time when karma is not a B*itch.