Sponsor 2- Skylence Official

Meet sponsor 2- Skylenceofficial

Our supporter base is growing for each day and we are happy to announce that our 2nd sponsor is Skylenceofficial. The designs will be worn during the London challenge photo shoots and showcased during our prep-camp. Please take a moment to learn more about Skylenceofficial below.

'SKYLENCE is an international cultural fashion brand that combines modern Western style, traditional Chinese and attributes from other culture and ethnicities—blending Chinese luxury with an international outlook with a mission to be the global curator of modern Chinese chic. Based in central London with international presence in Shanghai and HongKong (still expanding), our main focus (currently) is women's clothing, ranging from daily wear like coats/jackets, suits, dresses, tops, shorts and skirts to evening/occasional suits and dresses. We aim to create an international style and build up a legacy of faith, hope and love, and cultural movement.

The brand started as a bespoke tailoring atelier in summer 2017, drawing the legendary craftsmanship of traditional Shanghainese tailoring and rich fabrics to craft impeccably cut clothing. SKYLENCE has its quirky take on both European and Chinese cultural heritage: women’s classic dressing style in European Medieval Ages and the Renaissance, traditional cultural wear in Han, Qing dynasties in Chinese history and 56 different ethnicities in China. Qipao, Han costume, ethnic clothing, along with the royal style in European historic palaces have inspired the design and craftsmanship of the brand to embrace both the cultural attributes and modern contemporary fashion concepts.

The brand reinterprets the beauty and richness of the global past as well as the opulence of Chinoiserie in novel lines of colorful clothing. Using exclusive fabrics, including silk, lace, velvet and tweed, the brand aims to build a fully-fledged fashion house that has the modern western aesthetic along with the traditional Chinese at the core of its DNA, with ready-to-wear clothing collections for women and a made-to-measure service. It is designed to deliver a rich sense of storytelling and immaculate high-end customised service.