Sponsor 3- Albert´s Kensington

It is a pleasure to announce that we got another supporter onboard. This time around it is the well known Albert´s members club in Kensington. We are extremely grateful for the support and opportunity to host our prep-camp, Masterclasses & London challenge at Albert´s. Stay tuned for more details. Meanwhile take a moment to learn more about Albert´s.

A private members club and restaurant, Albert’s was founded in 2016 by Piers Adams, Jake Parkinson-Smith, Fraser Carruthers and Carlo Carello.

Named after Prince Albert due to the significance of the area; once known as Albertropolis, and its proximity to national landmarks that bear his name, Albert’s is housed in the iconic location of Old Brompton Road and surpasses all that Kensington and Chelsea has to offer. Comprising a sleek yet quintessentially classic décor peppered with eccentric British twists, Albert’s provides the Royal Borough with a much sought-after alternative to its Mayfair rivals. Complete with a mahogany wood panelled whisky and martini bar which houses a unique and historic choice of spirits, including a whisky from both the year of Albert’s birth and death (1819 & 1861).  

Albert’s has created a global reputation founded on impeccable service, enviable ambience, first-class cuisine and entertainment.


alberts logo.png