Global Creative Award- Q&A session

Get it straight with our GCA Q&A session!

Many thanks to all for your questions and feedback. We will continue to answer your questions  on a weekly basis.

PLease confirm the nominations?
-Contemporary Art, Sculpture & Installations, Performing Arts (Dance team challenge), Upcoming Designer, Top Model, Fashion film, Editorial  Photography, Fashion film, Styling, MUA, Musician of the Year, Electronic DJ, Vocalist of the Year.
+ London challenge( any of the above nominations can apply and will have a chance to win both)
+ Exceptional Multi-talent (For applicants that have 2 or more outstanding talents and wish to apply in several categories)

How do I apply for your Social mobility and execptional talent scheme to get a FREE application?
- Please complete the application following the link in bio. We will get back to you within a week to confirm your aplication and inform whether you qualify for the FREE application.

I know creatives that want to apply, can I invite them to take part?
-Yes, you are very welcome to. Just provide your name as the invitation code.& DM us to confirm.

Do I need to be present in London to apply?
- Regular nominations - No, if you win you will receive the cash prize by bank transfer and certificates and any other gifts by post/e-mail)
- Performing arts- dance team challenge- No, all takig part will be given a task and will need to film the final routine and share with us by dropbox/email.
- London challenge- Yes. You also need to plan for the opportunity to travel to Italy and commit to Masterclasses and our prep-camp as well as take part in the final at the Awards ceremony.

Do I have to be present in London for the Award ceremony?
-All except London challenge -No, but you are of course very welcome to attend  if you can/want.
London challenge- Yes, finalists need to be present.

How old should I be to apply?
- All nominations incl. dance team 16+
- London challenge 18+

Can I apply from anywhere in the world?
- Yes, that is why it is a Global Creative Award! We are hunting, investing & celebrating talent and creativity without borders.

For any unanswered questions, please D

Mauria Fransishku